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Schmersal AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1-SZ

Schmersal AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1-SZ

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Ordering details
Product type description AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1
Article number 101178738
EAN code 4030661314716
eCl@ss 27-27-06-05
Approval TÜV
notice Certification in combination with the AZ/AZM 200
Global Properties
Product name AZ/AZM 200-B30
– Material of the housings Plastic, glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic self-extinguishing
– Material of the actuator zinc die-cast
– Material of the operators Aluminium, plastic coating
– Emergency exit material Metal film, plastic-coated
Weight 730 g
Door detection sensor (Y/N) Yes
Mechanical data
Mechanical life ≥ 1.000.000 operations
Emergency unlocking device (Y/N) Yes
Grip handle/handle
Clamping force F 2000 N
Actuator mounted outside
Door hinge right
Dimensions of the actuators
– Width of the actuator 115 mm
– Height of the actuator 115 mm
– Length of the actuator 60 mm
Emergency exit dimensions
– Width of the emergency exit 115 mm
– Height of the emergency exit 115 mm
– Length of the emergency exit 60 mm

AZM 200ST2-T-1P2PW
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG1 [Preferred typ] AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG1P1 [Preferred typ] AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG1P20
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG1P25
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG2
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG2P1
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG2P20
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTAG2P25
AZ/AZM 200-B30-LTIG1P1
AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1 [Preferred typ] AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1 [Preferred typ] AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P20 [Preferred typ] AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P25
AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG2
AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG2P1
AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG2P20
AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG2P25
AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTIG1P1
đại lý AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1-SZ, nhà phân phối AZ/AZM 200-B30-RTAG1P1-SZ

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