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Schmersal MD 441-11YM20

Schmersal MD 441-11YM20 schmersal TL441-11Y SCHMERSAL ZS71-10/1S SCHMERSAL STI ER5018-021M SCHMERSAL SRB 301MC-24V SCHMERSAL BN20-10Z-M16 Schmersal TL 422-01y-M20 Schmersal ZV3H 015-11Y schmersal Z4V10H.336-11Z-1593-6 schmersal T2L035-11Z-M20 schmersal AZ/AZM 415-B2 schmersal EX-AZM415-11/11ZPK-24VAC/DC-3D Schmersal ML441-11Y-2512-6 SCHMERSAL AZ16-12ZTB1-M16 Schmersal BN20-11RZ-M16 Schmersal Z4V7H 335-11Z Schmersal TD422-01y-1090/2512 Schmersal G50-50-M44-2281-2/44Y-1600-1-1368-3 Schmersal TD441-11Y-UE-243 schmersal BPS250 Schmersal Deviation switch …

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Công tắc hành trình ML441-11Y-2512-6

Công tắc hành trình ML441-11Y-2512-6 Thông số kỹ thuật schmersal ML441-11Y-2512-6 Ordering details Product type description ML 441-11Y – Article number 101170496 EAN code 4030661297781 eCl@ss 27-27-06-01 Approval Approval CCC Global Properties Product name 441 Rollenschwenkhebel L Standards EN 60947-5-1 Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes Suitable for safety functions …

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