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Schmersal Việt Nam

Schmersal Việt Nam Hiện nay chúng tôi phân phối các sản phẩm Schmersal tại Việt Nam Các dòng sản phẩm Schmersal: Safety light grids and curtains Safety switch with separate actuator Safety-related tactile sensor AS interface safety at work Pull-wire emergency stop switches Foot switch Door handle switch Safety control …

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Schmersal AZM 160-22 YPA

Schmersal AZM 160-22 YPA Thông số kỹ thuật khóa liên động AZM 160-22 YPA: 2 plug-in and 2 cable entries 30 N latching force A- and B-coding of the connectors Actuation on de-energisation or energisation Adjustable ball latch up to 150 N Double insulated X High holding force 2,000 N …

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