Công tắc vị trí TD422-01y-1090/2512

Công tắc vị trí TD422-01y-1090/2512

Thông số kỹ thuật Schmersal TD422-01y-1090/2512

Ordering details
Product type description TD 422-01Y –
Article number 101170460
EAN code 4030661297705
eCl@ss 27-27-06-01
Approval CCC
 Đại lý TD422-01y-1090/2512
Global Properties
Product name 422 Rollenschwenkhebel D
Standards EN 60947-5-1
Compliance with the Directives (Y/N) Yes
Suitable for safety functions (Y/N) No
Standard housing (Y/N) No
– Material of the housings cast iron, galvanized
– Roller material Plastic
– Material of the contacts Silver
Housing coating painted
Weight 1305 g
Slide form Castor
Mechanical data
Design of electrical connection Screw connection
Cable section
– Min. Cable section 1.5 mm²
– Max. Cable section 2.5 mm²
AWG-Number 13
Active principle mechanical
Mechanical life 10.000.000 operations
notice All indications about the cable section are including the conductor ferrules.
Design of actuating element Roller lever
Bounce duration
Switchover time
Contact opening 2 x 6 mm
Actuating speed with vertical actuating angle to switch axis
– Min. Actuating speed 1 mm/min
– Max. Actuating speed 3 m/s
– Actuating angle from left of switch axis 30°
– Actuating angle from right of switch axis 30°
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature
– Min. environmental temperature −30 °C
– Max. environmental temperature +90 °C
Protection class IP65 to IEC/EN 60529
Electrical data
Design of control element Opener (NC)
– with double break
Switching principle Creep circuit element
– positive break NC contact
Number of shutters 0 piece
Number of openers 1 piece
Rated insulation voltage Ui 400 V
Thermal test current Ithe 16 A
Utilisation category AC-15: 400 V / 4 A
Max. fuse rating 16 A gG D-fuse
Dimensions of the sensor
– Width of sensor 106 mm
– Height of sensor 209 mm
– Length of sensor 63 mm
Roller wide 9 mm
Roller diameter 36 mm
Switch travel diagram

Notes Switch travel diagram
  Contact closed
  Contact open
  Setting range
  Break point
  Positive opening sequence/- angle
VS  adjustable range of NO contact
  adjustable range of NC contact
N   after travel

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